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I’m so impressed by girls who can put together a really cute outfit and do their hair and makeup really nice every single day like if I manage to shower and eat breakfast it’s a damn victory

It's 12:38 in the morning »


It’s 12:38 in the morning.
I start college today.
I am one of 31 people chosen from 230 applicants to be in the NAIT Radio and Television program.

In the last 3 years I have
-Grown to (almost) 6’2”
-Made more true friends in high school than all of junior high and elementary combined

Good luck, Lovely! It’ll be a great day if you let it be. Hold your head up higher than ever before, because you start college today and the past is the past.

I seem to find your face in
everywhere I go.
I don’t understand this—
I’ve moved on completely.

But why does it seem
that I’ll always look for your face
in a crowded room?

– I don’t miss you, but you really screwed me over. (a.g.m.)

“Have you ever been so in love with someone, that you fall in love with the little things about them? The way they look when they are thinking, or focusing on something. The way their face lights up when they talk about something they absolutely love. The way they talk to other people, their facial expressions and their hand gestures. And just the looks they give you. The way they smile and laugh with you. The look in their eyes before they lean in to kiss you. When they run their hands down your arms and lock their fingers with yours. And oh, the goosebumps and butterflies they gave you. When they pull you into a hug and you feel all their muscles relax and yours do too, because in that moment, everything is utterly perfect and you feel so safe. And when you catch yourself looking at them, wondering what they are thinking. You are not only in love with their personality, you’re in love with their soul, every fiber of their being. And just the way they exist amazes you. It fascinates you, and you want to know every little thing about them.
Now tell me, how someone is supposed to get over all that?”

– (via itsannaliousbabe)

fuck :(


i’m honestly one of those people that are just there like yeah i have friends and people talk to me but i’m nobody’s favorite person and nobody looks forward to talking to me everyday or anything and it sucks




this vine is better than all of paranormal activity

too much can happen in six seconds. we have gone too far.

how long did it take you to notice the second dude from the right licking the other guy’s shoulder

I hate how a majority believe that when a girl’s silent she’s

falling apart

crying inside

over thinking




she’s just picturing porn in her head

Mmm, I wish.